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2013-2014 Graduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Graduate Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Graduate Faculty

Ahmad, Dr. Ahrar   -  642-6141
Professor, Political Science 8/15/92
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University; M.A., U of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; M.A., B.A., University of Dacca, Bangladesh

Alsup, Dr.John K.   -  642-6108
Professor, Math Education 8/15/97
Ph.D., M.S., University of Wyoming; B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder

Anagnopoulos, Dr. Cheryl A.   -  642-6773 
Professor, Psychology 8/15/93
Ph.D., M.A., University of Kansas; B.A., University of Chicago

Apaza, Dr. June   -   642-6910
Director, Center for the Advancement of Math and Science Education 10/1/06
Ed.D., University of South Dakota; M.Ed., South Dakota State University; B.S.Ed., Black Hills State University

Asunskis, Dr. Daniel - 642-6516
Assistant Professor, Chemistry 8/23/10
Ph.D., Kansas State University; B.S., Truman State University

Austin, Dr. Leonard A.   -   642-6132
Professor, Educational Psychology 
8/15/97 - Ed.D., M.Ed., University of Wyoming; B.S.Ed., New Mexico State University      

Babbitt, Stephen M. - 642-6769
Professor, Mass Communication 8/15/94
M.F.A., B.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute

Bailey, Dr. Adam   -   642-6091
Assistant Professor, Business Administration and Management 8/22/09
Ph.D., Texas Tech University; M.B.A., B.S., Boise State University

Briggs, Dr. Janet  -  642-6875
CAMSE/Science Specialist  8/15/00
Ed.D., University of South Dakota; M.S., South Dakota State University; M.S., B.S., Black Hills State University

Buckwalter, Dr. Peggy A.   -  642-6195
Professor, Spanish 8/15/97
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; M.A., Saint Louis University; M.A., Indiana University Bloomington; B.A.Ed., University of Florida

Calhoon, Dr. David P. - 642-6112
Associate Professor, Chair Education, Early Childhood Education 8/15/97
Ph.D., M.Ed., University of Alberta; B.Ed., University of Alaska

Card, Dr. Curtis L. - 642-6504
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor, 8/22/83
Ph.D., University of Wyoming; M.S.T., University of Nebraska-Lincoln; B.A., University of South Dakota

Carriveau, Dr. Pamela C.  -  642-6006
Associate Professor, Political Science/Sociology  8/15/04
Ph.D. Purdue University; B.A. University of Wyoming

Carriveau, Dr. Richard  -  642-6077
Associate Professor, Director of Field Experience  8/15/04
Ph.D., Purdue University; MAT, Lewis & Clark; B.A., Saint Norbert College

Chandler, Dr. Cynthia C.  -  642-6858
Associate Professor, Early Childhood/Reading Education 8/15/04
Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham; M.A., B.S.E. University of Alabama

Clark, Dr. Ryan    -   642-6283
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies 8/22/08
Ph.D., University of Memphis; M.A., Texas Tech University; B.A., University of Wyoming

Cooch, Dr. C. Gregory - 642-6859
Professor, Special Education 8/15/99
Ed.D., M.A., B.S., University of South Dakota

Crawford, Dr. David   -   642-6734
Associate Professor, Accounting 8/22/09
Ph.D., University of North Dakota; M.P.A., University of South Dakota; B.S., South Dakota State University

Cremean, Dr. David N.   -  642-6713
Professor, English 8/15/02
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University; M.A. University of Dayton; B.A. Cedarville College

D’Aniello, Dr. Susan - 718-4313
Instructor/Director, Project SELECT 7/22/11
Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas; M.S., Utah State University; BSE, University of South Dakota

Dana, Dr. Susan R. - 642-6192
Professor, Law 8/15/98
J.D., M.B.A., University of South Dakota; B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

DeBeaumont, Dr. Ronald C. - 642-6236
Professor, Chair Business, Economics 8/15/95
Ph.D., University of Oregon; B.S., University of Nevada

Dixson, Dr. John   -   642-6284
Assistant Professor, Chemistry 8/15/07
Ph.D., M.S., University of Iowa; B.A., University of Northern Iowa

Domagall, Dr. Abigail - 642-6506
Assistant Professor, Geology 8/15/05
Ph.D., M.S. University at Buffalo; B.S. University of Leeds - U.K.

Downing, Dr. Holly A.   -  642-6420
Professor, Biology 7/1/98
Ph.D., M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A., Smith College

Durben, Dr. Daniel J.   -  642-6505
Associate Professor, Physics 8/15/93
Ph.D., Arizona State University; B.S., Eastern Kentucky University

Fuqua, Dr. Amy C.   -  642-6397
Professor, English 8/15/98
Ph.D., University of South Carolina at Columbia; M.A., James Madison University; B.S.Ed., Vanderbilt University

Glover, Dr. John H.   -  642-6003
Professor, American Indian Studies, 8/15/92
J.D., Willamette University; B.A., Concordia College

Hess, Dr. James I.   -  642-6850
Professor, Chair, Psychology 8/22/83
Ed.D., M.S., B.S., Oklahoma State University

Hollowell, Dr. Byron - 642-6429
Assistant Professor, Finance 8/22/11
Ph.D., Florida State University; BBA, LeMoyne-Owen College

Hopewell, Dr. Thomas  -  642-1241
Coordinator of Distance Education Graduate Programs 10/28/09
Ed.D., M.Ed. Northern Arizona University; B.A. The Master’s College

Hovland, Dr. Michelle R.   -  642-6226
Assistant Professor, Reading Education 8/15/04 
Ed.D University of South Dakota; M.S., B.S.Ed. Black Hills State University

Johnson, Dr. Andrew P.   -  642-6873
Associate Dir., CAMSE/Assistant Professor 8/15/99
Ph.D., San Diego State University; M.S., Arizona State University; B.S., Colo. School of Mines

Jones, Dr. Mary   -   642-6833
Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies 8/22/08
Ed.D., University of South Dakota; M.S.Ed., Florida International University; B.A., University of West Florida

Keeter, Dr. Kara J  -  642-6490
Assistant Professor, Physics  8/15/08
Ph.D., M.A., Duke University; B.S. Tennessee Technological University

King, Dr. Vincent A.   -  642-6502
Professor, English 8/15/98
Ph.D., M.A., University of South Carolina at Columbia; B.A., Emory University

LaDuke-Pelster, Dr. Faye M. - 642-6627
Assistant Professor, Reading Education 8/15/06
Ed.D., University of South Dakota; M.Ed., West Texas A & M Univesrity; B.A., University of Wyoming

Lamb, Dr. Charles F. - 642-6026
Professor/Chair, Sciences Biology  8/15/95
Ph.D., M.S., Louisiana State University; B.A., Humboldt State University

Looney, Donald C .  -  642-6802
Assistant Professor, Management 8/15/05
M.B.A. Boston University; B.S. U.S. Air Force Academy

Mackin, Dr. Patrick D .  -  642-6869
Professor, Management/Operation Management 8/15/02
Ph.D., Arizona State University; M.A., B.S. University of Montana

Martinez, Dr. Timothy A.   -  642-6246
Professor, Political Science 8/15/92
Ph.D., Northern Arizona University; M.A., University of California-Berkeley; B.S., Northern Arizona University

Matthew, Dr. Kathleen L.    -   642-6405
Assistant Professor, Science Teacher Education  8/22/09
Ed.D., M.A., University of South Dakota; B.S.Ed., Dakota State University

Meyers, Kent M.   -  642-6272
Associate Professor, English 8/16/80
M.A., Washington State University; B.A., University of Minnesota-Morris

Nag, Dr. Parthasarathi - 642-6507
Associate Professor, Mathematics 8/15/04
Ph.D., M.S. Washington State University; M.E.,  B.E., University of Bombay, India

Pagel, Dr. Sonya K .  -  642-6711
Associate Professor, Speech 8/15/02
Ph.D., Ohio University; M.A. Bob Jones University; B.S., Bob Jones University

Parrow, Dr. Kathleen A.   -  642-6525
Professor, History & Social Science, 8/15/91
Ph.D., University of Rochester; M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; B.A., Northern State University

Pearce, Dr. Lee R   -  642-6509
Professor, Special Ed 8/15/06
Ed.D., University of South Dakota; M.Ed., B.S., South Dakota State University

Reznikov, Dr. Andrey L .  -  642-6726
Professor, English 8/15/04
Ph.D., M.A., B.A., St. Petersburg University, Russia

Romkema, Dr. Priscilla Y.   -  642-6091
Dean, College of Business & Natural Sciences 8/15/97
Ph.D., M.S., University of Wyoming; B.S., Black Hills State University

Sarver, Dr. Shane K.   -  642-6043
Professor, Biology 8/15/96
Ph.D., Louisiana State University; M.S., Humboldt State University; B.S., California Polytechnic State University

Scarborough, Dr. David J - 642-6159
Professor, Human Resource Management 8/15/06
Ph.D.,  M.B.A.,  University North Texas; B.A., Texas Christian University

Schallenkamp, Dr. Kay K.   -  642-6111
President, 7/1/06
Ph.D., University of Colorado; M.A., University of South Dakota; B.S., Northern State University

Schallenkamp, Dr. Kenneth A  -  642-6269
Professor, Business Law 8/15/06
J.D. Washburn University; M.B.A., University of South Dakota; B.S.Ed., Northern State University

Schurrer, Dr. Robert L .  -  642-6169
Professor, Exercise Science 8/15/90
Ph.D., University of Virginia; M.S., B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder

Siemens, Dr. David H .  -  642-6233
Associate Professor, Biology 8/15/02
Ph.D., M.S., Northern Arizona University; B.S. University of California Los Angeles

Siewert, Dr. Daluss J .  -  642-6209
Professor, Chair, Mathematics 8/15/00
Ph.D., University of Colorado at Denver; M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder; B.S., University of Alaska Anchorage

Silva, Dr. Elizabeth A. (Betsy) - 642-6889
Associate Professor, Chair, Health & Physical Ed., Physical Education/Pedagogy 8/15/92
Ed.D., M.A., University of Northern Colorado; B.S.Ed., U Michigan-Ann Arbor

Simpson, Dr. Patricia - 642-6132
Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Professor,  8/1/05
Ed.D., M.Ed., Texas Tech University; B.S.Ed. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Smith, Dr. Brian E.   -  642-6879
Associate Professor, Biology 8/15/97
Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington; M.S., Louisiana State University; B.S., Washington State University

Song, Dr. Wei - 642-6867
Associate Professor, Marketing, 8/22/11
Ph.D., MSc., University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, MBA, Frostburg State University

Spellman, Dr. Garth   -  642-6854
Associate Professor, Biology,  7/1/06
Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas; M.S., University of Alaska, Fairbanks; B.A., Carleton College

Steckline, Dr. Timothy J.   -  642-6085
Associate Professor, Speech 8/15/92
Ph.D., M.A., University of Iowa; B.A., University of Northern Colorado

Wallerstein, Dr. Nicholas   -  642-6197
Professor, English 8/15/97
Ph.D., University of Oregon; M.T.S., Harvard; M.A., California State University-Hayward; B.A., University of California-Santa Cruz

Wegner, Dr. Pamela S.   -  642-6696
Professor, Speech & Theatre 8/15/94
Ph.D., M.A., University of Minnesota; B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wilson, David D.   -  642-6706
Associate Professor, Art 8/15/04
M.F.A. Illinois State University; B.A., Columbia College

Wolff, Dr. David A.   -  642-6221
Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Professor, 8/15/98
Ph.D., Arizona State University; M.A., B.S., University of Wyoming