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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

School of Business

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Jeffrey Wehrung (Chair), Associate Professor of Management MH 334, (605) 642-6398, Jeffrey.Wehrung@BHSU.edu
Ishraq Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Economics
Don Altmyer, Professor of Accounting
Adam Bailey, Professor of Management
Chanho Cho, Assistant Professor of Finance
Hyunsuk Choi, Assistant Professor of Tourism & Hospitality
David Crawford, Professor of Accounting
Susan Dana, Professor of Business Law
Ron DeBeaumont, Professor of Economics
Hoolda Kim, Assistant Professor of Economics
Sanbong Lee, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Barbara Looney, Assistant Professor of Management
Patrick Mackin, Professor of Management/Operations Management
Max Marc, Professor of Management Information Systems
Laura Prosser, Assistant Professor of Accounting
Wei Song, Professor of Marketing
Carrie Stringham, Assistant Professor of Management
Christopher Wardell, Instructor of Accounting

Major Programs & Coordinators

Center for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism (CBET)
     Jeffrey Wehrung, MH 334, (605) 642-6398, Jeffrey.Wehrung@BHSU.edu
Center for Economic Education (CEE)
     Don Altmyer, MH 323, (605) 642-6266, Donald.Altmyer@BHSU.edu
South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity (SDCEO)
     Michelle Kane, W 211, (605) 642-6311, Michelle.Kane@BHSU.edu
Accounting and Professional Accountancy
     David Crawford, MH 332, (605) 642-6734, David.Crawford@BHSU.edu
Business Programs at the University Center - BHSU (UCRC)
     Laura Prosser, UC-BHSU 217H, (605) 718-4363, Laura.Prosser@BHSU.edu
Economics and Finance
    Ron DeBeaumont, MH 324, (605) 642-6236, Ron.DeBeaumont@BHSU.edu
Entrepreneurial Studies
     Jeffrey Wehrung, MH 334, (605) 642-6276, Jeffrey.Wehrung@BHSU.edu
Human Resource Management
     Pat Mackin, MH 307, (605) 642-6869, Pat.Mackin@BHSU.edu
     Wei Song, MH 329, (605) 642-6867, Wei.Song@BHSU.edu
Tourism and Hospitality Management
    Hyunsuk Choi, MH 321, (605) 642-6868, Hyunsuk.Choi@BHSU.edu
MBA in Applied Management
    Barbara Looney, MH 305, (605) 642-6919, Barbara.Looney@BHSU.edu

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