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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

College of Business and Natural Sciences

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Dean: Dr. Greg Farley
Black Hills State University
1200 University Street Unit 9007
Spearfish, SD 57799-9007

The College of Business and Natural Sciences includes the School of Business and the School of Natural Sciences.

From the School of Business, it is possible to earn the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration and Professional Accountancy.  The Associate of Science (AS) degree is available in Tourism & Hospitality.  Graduate students may earn a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Applied Management.

From the School of Natural Sciences, it is possible to earn the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biology, Composite Chemistry, Environmental Physical Science, and Physical Science.  The Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED) degree is available in Biology.  Graduate students may earn a Masters (MS) degree in Integrative Genomics or Sustainability.

Students enrolled in the College of Business and Natural Sciences must fulfill the general education requirements listed in this catalog.  Transfer credits - no grade of less than a “C” will be credited toward any major, minor, or AS program in the College of Business and Natural Sciences.

School of Business

The Business Administration program has seven distinct areas of emphasis from which to choose.  All students will take the same pre-Business and Business core courses.  The remaining 18 hours of coursework will focus on Accounting, Economics & Finance, Entrepreneurial Studies, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, or Tourism & Hospitality Management.

  • Specialize in Accounting, and join an in-demand field with excellent starting wages.  Earn a degree that will prepare you to analyze and evaluate all aspects of business operations.
  • Specialize in Economics and Finance and be prepared to face the economic challenges in the world today.  Gain the tools necessary for solving problems associated with asset valuation and investment decisions.
  • Specialize in Entrepreneurial Studies and learn about financial accounting, taxation, budgeting, human resource management, marketing, production, ethics, and legal and regulatory issues.  Develop expertise in the company of other aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Specialize in Human Resource Management and be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to assume entry-level professional employment within many organizations both public and private.
  • Specialize in Management and learn to manage people and company resources.  By acquiring analytical problem solving skills, leadership techniques, resource management skills and personnel development expertise, you will put yourself in a position to assume entry-level professional employment in management.
  • Specialize in Marketing, a dynamic field with many dimensions, including product selection and planning product distribution, pricing, and promotion.  This field poses many challenges and yields generous rewards for those meeting these challenges.
  • Specialize in Tourism and Hospitality Management and benefit from the opportunity to learn in the heart of one of the premier tourist destinations in the world - the beautiful Black Hills, visited by millions of tourists annually.

The professional accountancy major is a five-year program (150 credit hours) designed specifically to prepare you for a successful career in professional accountancy, business, governmental organizations, and non-government organizations.  Graduates will be prepared to pass the general Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examinations, as well as other specialized professional accountancy examinations.


Master of Business Administration in Applied Management (MBA)
4 Year Bachelor of Science (BS) Majors
  Business Administration
     Specialization in Accounting
     Specialization in Economics & Finance
     Specialization in Entrepreneurial Studies
     Specialization in Human Resource Management
     Specialization in Management
     Specialization in Marketing
     Specialization in Tourism & Hospitality
Professional Accountancy
2 Year Associate of Science (AS) Majors
  Tourism & Hospitality
  Business Administration
Business Education
Entrepreneurial Studies
Management Information Systems
Military Science


School of Natural Sciences

The biology major is designed to give you a broad background and hands-on training in biology with cutting-edge laboratory facilities. This program prepares you through a rigorous curriculum for advanced study in graduate or professional programs or for a career in science or science education.

The chemistry major provides students with a comprehensive understanding of general, organic, analytic, and instrument chemistry and biochemistry.  The concepts taught may be applied to virtually every area of science, including biology, physics, geology, environmental science, as well as psychology.  Chemistry is a strong major for students planning to pursue graduate studies or other professional training.  

The environmental physical science major deals with the identification, study, and treatment of a variety of environmental problems including ground and surface water quality and management, waste treatment, land-use planning, soil testing, contaminant chemistry and monitoring, hazardous waste disposal, land reclamation, and energy management and production.  Environmental physical science is quite broad, requiring a background in a number of different science areas. In addition to a variety of geology classes, students also complete additional course work in chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

The physical science major is designed to provide students with broad, rigorous training in both physics and chemistry with introductory courses in the earth sciences, as well. Physical science includes the branches of natural science and sciences that study non-living systems, contrasting the biological sciences.  This major is especially appropriate for students planning to teach physics, chemistry, or general science in a junior or senior high school setting.

Master of Science in Integrative Genomics (MS)
Master of Science in Sustainability (MS)
4 Year Bachelor of Science (BS) Majors
Environmental Physical Science
Physical Science
4 Year Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED) Majors

Earth Science
Earth Science-Teaching


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