Sep 29, 2020  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

School of Education

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Rodney Custer, (Chair), J 234, (605) 642-6329,
Christine Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Health Education
Scott Ahola, Instructor of Library Media; Director, Library Operations
John Alsup, Professor of Math Education
Ryan Amys, Instructor of MSI in Secondary Education
Janet Briggs, Instructor of Science Education
Richard Carriveau, Associate Professor of Foundations of Education & Reading
Cynthia Chandler, Associate Professor of Early Childhood
Mary Cooper, Instructor of Reading
Breon Derby, Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Brian Eberhard, Assistant Professor of Education
Faye LaDuke-Pelster, Associate Professor of Reading
Cody Lawson, Assistant Professor of Education
Kathleen Matthew, Professor of Science Education
Sue McGrath, Instructor of Education
Jarrett Moore, Assistant Professor of Research & Assessment
Micheline Nelson, Assistant Professor of Education; Director, Field Experiences
Anastasia Nemec, Instructor of Physical Education
Betsy Silva, Associate Professor of Physical Education/K-12 Pedagogy
Tony Silva, Assistant Professor of Physical Education; Athletic Trainer
Jami Stone, Associate Professor of Math Education
Michael Tolan, Instructor of Library Media
Denice Turner, Assistant Professor of Language Arts Education
Laura Turner, Instructor of Computer Technology
Jessica Zanton, Assistant Professor of Special Education

Major Programs & Coordinators

Master of Education in Reading
     Faye LaDuke-Pelster, J 201, (605) 642-6627,
Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction
     Faye LaDuke-Pelster, J 201, (605) 642-6627,
Master of Secondary Education
     Ryan Amys, J 220, (605) 642-6405,
Early Childhood/Special Education
Elementary Education
     Kathleen Matthew, J 220, (605) 642-6405
K-12 Special Education
    Jessica Zanton, J 229, (605) 642-6438
Physical Education
     Betsy Silva, YCA 204, (605) 642-6889,

Secondary Education Program Coordinators

     Desy Schoenewies, WH 318, (605) 642-6104,
     Charles Lamb, SB 122, (605) 642-6026,
     Michael Zehfus, SB 108, (605) 642-6028,
     Andrey Reznikov, MH 316, (605) 642-6249,
    Cody Lawson, J 225, (605) 642-6231,
Language Arts
     Tim Steckline, MH 303, (605) 642-6085,
     Daluss Siewert, JS 163, (605) 642-6209,
     Christopher Hahn, MH 103, (605) 642-6888,
Composite Science/Composite Math and Science
     Kathleen Matthew, J 220, (605) 642-6405,
Composite Social Science
     Pamela Carriveau, J 122, (605) 642-6006,
     Dulu Hsiao, MH 315, (605) 642-6195,
     Tim Steckline, MH 303, (605) 642-6085,

Minor Programs & Coordinators

Athletic Coaching
    Betsy Silva, YC 204, (605) 642-6889,
Early Childhood Education
Library Media
     Scott Ahola, L 108, (605) 642-6359,
Middle School
    Kathleen Mathew, J 220, (605) 642-6405,
Physical Education
     Betsy Silva, YCA 204, (605) 642-6889,
     Faye LaDuke-Pelster, SW 201, (605) 642-6063,


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