Oct 19, 2021  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

School of Arts and Humanities

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Gina Gibson (Chair), Associate Professor of Digital Communication, MH 326, (605) 642-6007, Gina.Gibson@BHSU.edu
Steve Babbitt, Professor of Mass Communication
Matthew Bauman, Lecturer in English/Writing
David Berberick, Assistant Professor of Music
Mary Caton-Rosser, Associate Professor of Mass Communication
Scott Chandler, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication
Ryan Clark, Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Scott Clarke, Associate Professor of Digital Communication
David Cremean, Professor of English
Martin Fashbaugh, Associate Professor of English
Rachelle Greer, Instructor of Speech Communication
Chris Hahn, Assistant Professor of Music
Dustin Hinson, Instructor of Mass Communication
DuLu Hsiao, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Courtney Huse-Wika, Associate Professor of English
Albert Juhrend, Professor of Theatre
Vincent King, Professor of English
Karl Lehman, Instructor of English
Ronda Mehrer, Instructor of English
Jonathan Nero, Associate Professor of Music
Sonya Pagel, Associate Professor of Speech Communication
Ann Porter, Professor of Art
Jerry Rawlings, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication
Andrey Reznikov, Professor of English
Nancy Roberts, Associate Professor of Music
Jami Schoenewies, Assistant Professor of Art
Timothy Steckline, Professor of Speech Communication
Altman Studeny, Instructor of Art
Nicholas Wallerstein, Professor of English
Symeon Waseen, Associate Professor of Music

Major Programs & Coordinators

    Ann Porter, W 302, (605) 642-6275, Ann.Porter@BHSU.edu
Corporate Communication
     Steve Babbitt, J 009, (605) 642-6769, Steve.Babbitt@BHSU.edu
Mass Communications
    Steve Babbitt, J 009, (605) 642-6769, Steve.Babbitt@BHSU.edu
     Christopher Hahn, MH 103, (605) 642-6888, Chris.Hahn@BHSU.edu
     DuLu Hsiao, MH 315, (605) 642-6195, DuLu.Hsiao@BHSU.edu
    Tim Steckline, MH 303, (605) 642-6085, Tim.Steckline@BHSU.edu

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