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2008-2009 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

College of Business and Technology

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Dean: Dr. Priscilla Romkema
Black Hills State University
1200 University Street Unit 9007
Spearfish, SD 57799-9007

Vision Statement

The College of Business and Technology (CBT) at Black Hills State University (BHSU) will be a premier, student-centered college, where students can fulfill their potential in a liberal arts and sciences setting. The College will create an efficient, service-oriented culture that is responsive to the needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and society.

Mission Statement

The College of Business and Technology (CBT) at Black Hills State University (BHSU) is dedicated to delivering quality undergraduate and graduate business and technology programs to qualified students who are working intellectuals. Through innovative instruction, mentoring, research, and service, the College develops business and technology graduates who can compete effectively in a dynamic global environment.

Core Values

High Expectations. We believe that students’ academic performance rises with high faculty expectations and the faculty’s continual pursuit of excellence.

Concern for Students. We believe it is our responsibility to help students learn and grow as much as possible through their respective college educations.

Ethical Awareness. We believe that integration and reinforcement of ethical values are essential throughout students’ CBT experience.

An Emphasis on Objective and Critical Thinking. We believe that objectivity and critical thinking facilitate excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Critical Skills. We believe that mastery of business, communication, and interpersonal skills is critical to our graduates’ success.

Service Learning. We believe that learning experiences that involve service to the community enhance students’ educations and personal growth.

Key Advantages. We believe that access to faculty, technology, innovation, and small class size are key advantages the CBT provides to enhance student learning.

The CBT is organized in two departments: the Department of Business and the Department of Industrial Technology. To further support the CBT and its mission, the Center for Economic Education (CEE) and the Center for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism Services (CBETS), provide outreach and service to the local community, state, and region. The Department of Military Science is also housed in the CBT.

Undergraduate programs in business and technology offered by the CBT include the following specializations or majors: Accounting, Entrepreneurial Studies, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business Education, Industrial Technology Education, and Industrial Technology (with specializations that include computer aided drafting, electronics technology, geographic information systems, and technology management). In addition to a solid foundation in business and industrial technology, CBT graduates possess a solid liberal arts and sciences foundation that will serve them well throughout their lives.

5 Year Bachelor of Science (BS)
         Professional Accountancy
4 Year Bachelor of Science (BS)
    Business Administration with specializations in:
Entrepreneurial Studies
Human Resource Management
Tourism and Hospitality
    Industrial Technology
    Business Administration
Entrepreneurial Studies
Management Information Systems
Military Science
4 Year Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED)
    Business Education Industrial Technology Education  
4 Year Bachelor of Applied Technical Science (BATS)
    Applied Technical Science
2 Year Associate Degree
    Tourism and Hospitality  

Programs Coordinators

Accounting and Professional Accounting
      Brent Carper, MH 321, (605) 642-6091,

Business Education
      Verona Beguin, MH 328, (605) 642-6398,

Business Programs at the Higher Ed Center in Rapid City
      Laura Prosser, EAFB, (605) 923-5893,

      Ken Schallenkamp, MH 330, (605) 642-6269,

Human Resource Management
      David Scarborough, MH 334, (605) 642-6159,

Industrial Technology
      Tom Termes, W 313A, (605) 642-498,

      Pat Mackin, MH 307, (605) 642-6869,

      Patty Bellamy, MH 332, (605) 642-6868,

Tourism & Hospitality Management
      Dan Spencer, MH 331, (605) 642-6876,

According to a Summer 2004 Salary Survey of National Association of Colleges and Employers (Data are reported to NACE by colleges and universities nationwide), business graduates (BBA or BS) were offered average starting salaries ranging $33,000 - $44,000 well above the salary ranges for all other areas except engineering and computer science. The industrial technology majors are not offered anywhere else in the state. Such comprehensive programs have 100% job placement for students graduating in these rapidly growing areas.

Students enrolled in the College of Business and Technology must fulfill the general education requirements listed in this catalog. Transfer credits – no grade of less than a “C” will be credited toward any major, minor, or AS program in the College of Business and Technology.

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